The action of the Avenir-Togo Association, founded in 1996 by Mana Yevu, is situated within the framework of joint exchanges between Europe and Africa and with those men and women who fight for their dignity in Africa. Avenir-Togo also has vocation to favour exchanges of know-how between the North and the south.

Association for the support of CAST

tel. Olivia de la Panneterie :
01 48 76 28 65 or 06 11 43 64 21

tél. Mana Yevu : 06 78 39 17 68

email :

Afrique de l'ouest

carte du Togo

Its aim is to serve as a post in Europe for the association Centre d'Action Sociale au Togo (CAST), created by Mana Yevu in 1995, at (3 kilometres from) Kpalimé (on the Kpalimé - Yokélé road, Togo), by:

animationsThe organization of activities: exhibitions-sales of African artifacts produced by CAST, African meals, batik training-courses for beginners.

The distribution of information presenting CAST's projects: conferences, slide-shows and regular publications.

Fund-raising and search for sponsors

Collection of equipment and tools to be dispatched to Togo.

These activities are coordinated by Mana Yevu during her visits to France and they are managed and supported by the association presided by Olivia de la Panneterie.

Other friends in France, Switzerland and Germany also give assistance to CAST.

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Call for Togolese to plant trees in our beloved country!

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